Monthly Archives: October 2015

Coverage of CMA new wing opening @ Hyperallergic

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Expanding a museum is a lengthy and costly process, one which requires a great deal of buy-in from the staff, patrons, board, and surrounding community. It’s easy to assume that longstanding institutions are self-sufficient, and to see their occasional expansions as a natural part of their growth, […]

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Lan Tuazon’s BAD GRASS NEVER DIES at Youngworld @ Detroit Art Review

As a mildly obsessive-compulsive individual, BAD GRASS NEVER DIES, a solo show by Lan Tuazon, which opened at Youngworld on Saturday, September 26th, appeals to me first on an aesthetic level. The work seems primarily interested in order and space—particularly the way that the bodies of mass manufactured plastic objects, […]

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BWTA Road Trip Edition – Ohio Twofer

10/13/15 – Ladies that Dinner Artist: Laurenn McCubbin Location: Gallerie Bar + Bistro, Hilton Columbus Downtown Breakfast (j/k dinner): LM + SRS – San Pellegrino (fancy!) + Small plates extravaganza: Pork Belly (creamed corn, jalapeño ketchup, smoked paprika oil, micro greens); Gruyère Gougères (fried Gruyère cheese puffs, blackberry ketchup); Shrimp […]

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HNAF recap @ Knight Arts Blog

Telltale signs of autumn in Detroit: unpredictable weather, a preponderance of cider mill treats and, best of all, the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival. Held on Saturday, Oct. 10, the annual event featured several Knight Arts grantees, including The Hinterlands, Hatch, Lo & Behold and Popps Packing. Now in its sixth […]

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10/11/15 – Making Sense with Sarah Nesbitt

Artist: Sarah Nesbitt Location: Craftwork Breakfast: SN – French toast SRS – Tea (honey), orange juice, Classic Breakfast (eggs over medium, toast (jam), bacon) It is important to pay attention to quiet people. They should never be mistaken as people who do not have rich interior lives or something to […]

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