April 20, 2017

BEAMS at the Scarab Club @ Culture Source

The Scarab Club has been a Detroit art institution since its opening in October of 1928 (as the Scarab “clubhouse”). Its rich history of visiting and local artists is famously catalogued by the collection of signatures on the wood beams of its second-floor lounge. The beams display some 230-plus signatures, including those of Diego Rivera, Marcel Duchamp, Norman Rockwell, and Juliana Force—an invitation to sign the beams is means of honoring artists for “their significant and lasting contribution to the arts,” according to the Scarab Club.

Now, the Scarab Club will induct the signature of sculptor Glen Michaels, who is known for his mosaic sculptures, fastidiously fashioned out of thousands of small metal objects, such as token blanks or printer’s type. Michaels’ unveiling accompanies a group show, BEAMS, on view through May 20th, featuring a number of signatories—a break with the Scarab Club tradition of presenting a solo show for beam artists.

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2 Comments on “BEAMS at the Scarab Club @ Culture Source

Beatrice Macgregor
July 18, 2017 at 10:44 am

I have a painting that won a first prize at your club many years ago. It was painted by jean smith . It was done of my sister when she was seven years old and is now 80 years old. Do you have any information about this painting. I know she and her husband were members at the Scarab club. His name was Alden Smith and his wife Jean Smith. Good friends of my parents.

Sarah Sharp
July 18, 2017 at 2:34 pm

Hi Beatrice! I’m actually a writer, so if you want information about this, you should contact the Scarab Club directly! Cheers!


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