Monthly Archives: September 2017

Heavenly Dogs Art Collective @ Detroit Free Press

It’s hard to sit down with members of Hamtramck art collective Heavenly Dogs without feeling as if you’ve wandered onto the set of a hip-to-death sitcom about a wacky crew of creative millennials. On hand this day at KO Gallery, their recently opened and collectively operated gallery space that shares a storefront on Jos. […]

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Rashaad Newsome for DLECTRICITY @ Culture Source

Following a three-year hiatus, this month’s much-anticipated return of DLECTRICITY—the public, free, outdoor light-based art show along the Woodward Corridor in Midtown Detroit—ups its game with the addition of New York City-based multidisciplinary artist Rashaad Newsome as artist-in-residence for the 2017 festivities. Working in conjunction with the Detroit Institute of […]

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“City of Queen Anne’s Lace” at Wasserman Projects @ Art OnCuba, Issue #15

When you live in a place ruled by the shifting whims of nature, you learn to adjust to forces that exist beyond human control. In this sense, Detroit was an unlikely birthplace for the industrial era, with its goal of keeping automobiles rolling off the assembly line in a precisely […]

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Eli Valley’s “Diaspora Boy” @ Hyperallergic

Jewish identity is not straightforward, at times feeling like a series of external projections rather than a source of solidarity. Artist Toby Millman, who has done a great deal of work exploring the relationship between Israel and Palestine, coined the term “off-white” to describe Jewish racial status in the United States. As […]

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