Sarah Sharp

Olayami Dabls “Normal Nudity” @ Knight Arts Blog

Artist Olayami Dabls is best known for the African Bead Museum and its surrounding sprawling sculptural installation, for which he received a $100,000 Knight Arts Challenge grant. Relatively unknown were a series of figurative watercolors, all depicting nude figures, that he began painting in 2011, creating as many as 75 […]

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Jon Sasaki’s Rightsized Limo @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — A limousine can be many things: transportation of choice for prom, a status marker, and a bit of a paradox. Look at me, limo clientele seem to be saying, but don’t look at me. Regardless, a limousine certainly serves as a handy metaphor for material excess and the […]

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George Clinton headlines Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers @ Knight Arts blog

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers is an organization that seeks to promote connectivity, understanding and humanity through the sharing of honest personal stories–a mission that is supported in part by a $30,000 Knight Arts Challenge grant. The society achieved a triumphant actualization of its goals on Nov. 5, packing […]

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Ben Hall @ Essay’d

“I am trying the least-hard to be an artist of anyone you’ve met,” says Ben Hall, by way of contextualizing art in the diverse constellation of his interests and responsibilities. Like most things Hall says, there are varying degrees of truth to this complicated matter. Fanatical about language, obsessive about […]

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