Sarah Sharp

BWTA Road Trip Edition – Ohio Twofer

10/13/15 – Ladies that Dinner Artist: Laurenn McCubbin Location: Gallerie Bar + Bistro, Hilton Columbus Downtown Breakfast (j/k dinner): LM + SRS – San Pellegrino (fancy!) + Small plates extravaganza: Pork Belly (creamed corn, jalapeño ketchup, smoked paprika oil, micro greens); Gruyère Gougères (fried Gruyère cheese puffs, blackberry ketchup); Shrimp […]

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HNAF recap @ Knight Arts Blog

Telltale signs of autumn in Detroit: unpredictable weather, a preponderance of cider mill treats and, best of all, the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival. Held on Saturday, Oct. 10, the annual event featured several Knight Arts grantees, including The Hinterlands, Hatch, Lo & Behold and Popps Packing. Now in its sixth […]

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10/11/15 – Making Sense with Sarah Nesbitt

Artist: Sarah Nesbitt Location: Craftwork Breakfast: SN – French toast SRS – Tea (honey), orange juice, Classic Breakfast (eggs over medium, toast (jam), bacon) It is important to pay attention to quiet people. They should never be mistaken as people who do not have rich interior lives or something to […]

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10/10/15 – Forming a Breakfast Tradition with Kirsten Lund

Artist: Kirsten Lund Location: Honest ? John’s Breakfast: KL – The Special? (something like eggs, bacon, hash browns, no toast), tea with lemon (maybe honey) SRS – Coffee (cream, little bit of sugar), frosted flakes french toast, sausage I had business reasons for meeting Kirsten for breakfast this weekend – […]

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Culture Lab Detroit @ Nora

    Oh, hey, looks like Nora got around to announcing this: I’m excited to be one of the participants (and intimidated, once I met the other participants) in what is sure to be an eclectic and lovely showcase of some of Detroit’s finest artist/craftpersons. I have a quilt or […]

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“The Fate of the Machinery” review @ Hyperallergic

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. — It is the pitiful fate of objects to serve as proxies for our failed dreams, relationships, and ambitions. This concept is acutely present throughout Fate of the Machinery, a project by Kate Levy that has evolved over the course of a month at the gallery 9338 Campau in Hamtramck. […]

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