BWTA Epidemic Edition: sometimes, something – the 2020 U-M Stamps Graduate Show

Taken together, the 2020 grad cohort has presented a dynamic set of exhibitions across a wide range of media. Notably absent from the entire exhibition is much representation of the human form. The only person to appear anywhere in the work is Sally Clegg, framed between chin and waist in […]

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“100 Years, All New People” at SPACES @ Hyperallergic

CLEVELAND, Ohio — At the entrance of 100 Years, All New People, Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Segall‘s exhibition at SPACES, is an enlarged headline and a snippet from an article that ran in a Miami newspaper on May 22, sometime between 1921 and 1924. “To Deport Smuggled Jews to Cuba,” the headline reads. It […]

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Travel Journal: Lisbon 2020

In the ongoing motif of having a personality divided along a fault line of equal and diametrically opposing forces: I love traveling and I love coming home. I love easing back into the rhythms and responsibility of my daily existence, but I also love the weird bubble of space that […]

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“Surface Tension” at Transformer Station @ Hyperallergic

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s something we look at constantly, and almost never see. With Surface Tension, photographer Tabitha Soren (yep, that Tabitha Soren) has populated the walls of Transformer Station with an installation that brings into sharper focus the surface quality of the omnipresent touchscreens that deliver a great deal […]

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