EDITION/16 – “The Disease Cycle” @ Simone DeSousa Gallery

Simone DeSousa Gallery‘s annual holiday limited edition exhibition this year focuses on print works by seventeen artists in the gallery space, plus three-dimensional and multi-media works by local and international artists and designers in the new EDITION space, including functional and conceptual ceramic works, sculpture, jewelry, concept furniture, drawing, video, and […]

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Mood Totems @ 2017 Jefferson-Chalmers Riverfront Arts Festival

According to parable, we all contain two tigers inside of us which are always at war with each other. One of them is a positive creature, representing things like kindness, courage, hope, and love. The other is negative, fueled by emotions like anger, greed, hatred and fear. One will win […]

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Preserving Identity: A Muslim American Youth Experience (Collaborative Curatorial) @ Public Pool

Preserving Identity: A Muslim American Youth Experience What does it mean to be ‘Muslim’? Who is an ‘American’? What defines ‘youth’? Moreover, what’s in the phrase ‘preserving identity’? This exhibit is not an attempt to find definite answers to these questions, but rather, to explore the unique and dynamic responses, […]

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Better Made Mori – The Incinerator Show @ Ocelot Print Shop

The Detroit incinerator is one of the longest-running environmental health issues for folks here in the city. Anyone who lives downwind, or even drives by, is familiar with the smell when something particularly foul is being burned. And if you can smell it, that means you’re inhaling it, which has […]

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The Altered Heart – Re:Iterate @ Kerrytown Concert House

In actuality, the word ‘iterate’ already implies repetition. There is no need to ‘reiterate’, as when you ‘iterate’ you are already uttering over-and-over. We can iteratively respond to someone else’s iteration in a design process, and there is no need consider it a ‘reiteration’. It may not be wrong, but […]

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“Wonderland” Review @ Rustbelt Arts

The great K.A. Letts wrote up “Wonderland” over at her dynamic arts blog, Rustbelt Arts. Thanks, Kathleen! You are the greatest greatest! Read it here! “Wonderland” continues its run through this weekend (possibly through Dec. 2) at the Terhune Gallery in Perrysburg, Ohio.

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