Breakfast with the Artist

BWTA Official: Robert Sestok @ Detroit Is It

Robert “Bob” Sestok is a Detroit original and career artist, living and working in the city since his days at Wayne State University. In the early 1970s, Sestok was one of the recognized names among the Cass Corridor Movement—arguably the most notorious contemporary art movement to emerge from Detroit. Sestok’s […]

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11/3/2017 – Suffer All but Fools with Susan Okla

Artist: Susan Okla Location: Avalon International Breads, Detroit Breakfast: SO – Coffee (?), Cauliflower pizza-bread SRS – Coffee (black), Carrot cake Walking around the block to catch a little fresh air, after baking in Avalon’s sun-drenched window seat, artist Susan Okla spots an extension ladder leaning against the facade of Mario’s […]

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10/25/2017 – Painting Distraction with Brach Goodman

Artist: Brach Goodman Location: Olomon Cafe, Hamtramck Breakfast: BG – Coffee (milk?), Spinach hand pie SRS – Coffee (black), Cinnamon spice cake “I often think about distraction in life, and how life is continually escaping you,” says Brach Goodman, by way of categorizing some of the recurring visual motifs in […]

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8/2/2017 – Mutual Admiration Society with Lynn Crawford

Artist: Lynn Crawford Location: Commonwealth, Birmingham Breakfast: LC – Coffee (milk), Mediterranean Salad SRS – Coffee (black), Chorizo Hash It was very important to me that this BWTA with Lynn did not simply devolve into an outpouring of gushing devotion, because usually when Lynn and I get together, we just […]

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