KAF15 Goings/Doings/Sightings

Image courtesy of Kresge Arts in Detroit. Been a big week for catching #KAF15 in action. On Tuesday, I had BWTA with the one, the only Faina Lerman. You can catch that action here. On Wednesday, I scored a press pass to the Creative Economy Policy Summit, put on by […]

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9/22/15 – Strong Head, Faina Heart

Artist:  Faina Lerman Location: Motor City Sports Bar & Grill, Hamtramck Breakfast: FL – Stoli & tonic (it was lunch, no judgies), cheeseburger (no mayo), split waffle fries SRS – Diet Pepsi, cheeseburger (no mayo, grilled onions), split waffle fries The tricky truth about brains: they are always up to […]

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9/4/15 – #KAF15 – Sweet Dee Susie Asado

Dee tries the pickle soup, and finds it wanting Artist: Airea “Dee” Matthews Location: Toast, Ferndale Breakfast: DM – Coffee (black), dill pickle soup (sent back), Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken SRS – Coffee (black), breakfast burrito A date with Dee! A date with Dee! Excuse me while I flail […]

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9/1/15 – #KAF15 – Cuppetelli & Mendoza

Artist: Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza Location: Brooklyn St. Local Breakfast: AC – Coffee (black), quiche, salad CM – Coffee (“fake sugar”), blue cheese & mushroom omelet, rye toast, salad SRS – Coffee (black), “The Traditional” – two eggs (over hard), roasted potatoes, bacon, rye toast & jam I have […]

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8/24/15 – KAF#15 – On Success with Lillien Waller

Artist: Lillien Waller Location: Le Petit Zinc Breakfast: LW – Coffee (black), spinach-and-something-else crepe SRS – Coffee (black), lemon sucre crepe I have mentioned already, and will mention again, how much I love the opportunity to connect with other writers. We are such a finicky, introverted bunch; it is so […]

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