A Public Art Biennial Takes Over a City in Sweden @ Hyperallergic

ÖREBRO, Sweden — Festivals and biennials are typically the purview of curators and organizers, backed by endowed institutions. But in the Swedish city of Örebro, a new paradigm has been building momentum: since 2008, the Swedish city roughly two hours outside Stockholm has celebrated OpenART, a biennial art festival conceived, organized, and conceptually driven by […]

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Mel Andringa puzzles through his process at Play House @ Knight Arts Blog

All this week, Play House has been hosting an artist-in-residence: performance artist, painter and puzzle enthusiast Mel Andringa. As part of their NEA-funded program for supporting artists in the development of new material, The Hinterlands hosted an array of activities led by Andringa this week, in an effort to develop material for a new show that will perhaps […]

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Right, so this happened, which is obviously a pretty big deal for me. And first it’s just a lot of self high-fiving, because you’re not supposed to tell anyone. And then a little selective high-fiving from other people, because of course you’re going to tell, like, your mom and your sister, and the handful of […]

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