Better Made Mori – The Incinerator Show @ Ocelot Print Shop

The Detroit incinerator is one of the longest-running environmental health issues for folks here in the city. Anyone who lives downwind, or even drives by, is familiar with the smell when something particularly foul is being burned. And if you can smell it, that means you’re inhaling it, which has led to a preponderance of […]

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Momento Mori: Better Made – The Incinerator Show (1st Edition)

You can check out the first works in my Momento Mori: Better Made series, which are part of The Incinerator Show, a group show at Ocelot Print Shop that opened last night, and will run through June 23rd. These are screen-printed and hand-beaded works on fabric. Remember you must die. #momentomori See more here… Images […]

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