Breakfast with the Artist

5/4/2016 – The Nature of Nature with Morgan Barrie

Artist: Morgan Barrie Location: Le Petit Zinc Breakfast: MB – Coffee (black), crepe fromage de chevre et epinards SRS – Coffee (black), le petit dejuner I’ll admit, I am not very good at understanding what kind of impression I make on people. Sometimes I’m like, “I’m passionate!” and people are like, “You seem angry.” Sometimes […]

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1/13/2016 – Worth 1,000 words with Noah Elliott Morrison

Artist: Noah Elliott Morrison Location: Le Petit Zinc Breakfast: NEM – Coffee (cream), salmon crepe SRS – Coffee (black), ham & brie crepe I wanted to meet with Noah to discuss the show he curated at Public Pool, which you can see during Saturday hours this month, and read a bit more about here. I […]

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