Breakfast with the Artist

BWTA Official: Robert Sestok @ Detroit Is It

Robert “Bob” Sestok is a Detroit original and career artist, living and working in the city since his days at Wayne State University. In the early 1970s, Sestok was one of the recognized names among the Cass Corridor Movement—arguably the most notorious contemporary art movement to emerge from Detroit. Sestok’s scrap metal sculptures dot city […]

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7/1/15 – Bananarama with Andy T

Artist: Andrew Thompson Location: Russell St. Deli Breakfast: AT – Vegetarian Hash, rye toast SRS – Raisin bread French toast, side of bacon, NO BANANAS First of all, any visit to Russell St. Deli counts as a “Breakfast with the Artist,” because chances are good that you’ll encounter at least one of the trio of artists-in-charge over there, […]

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6/30/15 – Rose + Rosie + Rose’s

Artist: Rose E. DeSloover Location: Rose’s Fine Food Breakfast: RED – Bangin’ on the Border, green salsa on the side SRS – Silverman’s Special, eggs over medium, grits, add bacon If you’re like me, your brain doesn’t work that well first thing in the morning, so I was sure to pick a meeting time that […]

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