Cass Corridor: Connecting Times @ Simone DeSousa Gallery

Through Line to Q-Line – Cass Corridor: Connecting Times “Detroit is a place of simultaneous truths, layers of social strata, unity and divisions. If you’re new to the area, you probably refer to the rapidly-developing commercial strip between Wayne State University and the Masonic Temple as “Midtown,” but anyone who has been here for more […]

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Cass Corridor: Connecting Times – Pre-order available from Simone DeSousa Gallery

Can’t wait to get my hands on this publication by Simone DeSousa Gallery, which catalogues and reflects upon the excellent trio of shows curated by Nancy Mitchnick this summer, featuring Cass Corridor artists. I personally have learned a ton about artists with a long history in the city, but a relatively small presence, currently. This […]

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