“Doubly So” at Center Galleries @ Knight Arts blog

“Delara (2)” (2016) by Sheida Soleimani, soft sculpture, archival pigment print with frame.  Female identity is often an exercise in duality. Women are largely encouraged to present a seamless and appealing surface to the world, which can serve to mask the trials and tribulations of being subjugated to a range of indignities–from lower wages, to […]

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2/25/2016 – Intuitive Exhibition-Making with Michelle Perron

Artist: Michelle Perron Location: Cass Cafe Breakfast: MP – Water (lemon), lentil burger (w/ cheddar), side salad (mustard vinaigrette) SRS – Coffee (black), reuben (corned beef & cole slaw), caramel cake I thought it was appropriate that Michelle Perron and I ended up meeting for this BWTA at the Cass Cafe, because it the perfect […]

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Brenda Goodman retrospectives @ Knight Art blog

Painter Brenda Goodman was part of Detroit’s Cass Corridor art movement, which arose in the counterculture context of the 1960s and 1970s and found an audience and group of avid contributors on local campuses. One of those campuses was the College for Creative Studies (then known as the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts), which […]

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