Breakfast with the Artist

5/24/2016 – Objects of Import with Anthony Marcellini

Artist: Anthony Marcellini Location: Rose’s Fine Food Breakfast: AM – Coffee (black), On Fleek Platter SRS – Coffee (black), Chi-Chi Rice It’s always great to get a chance to talk to Anthony Marcellini, because that’s when you get to hear about the detailed effort and research he has put into his process. Marcellini is crossing […]

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City of Restless Objects at Simone DeSousa @ Hyperallergic

Detail view of Anthony Marcellini, “When Bricks Become Verses” (2016), 26 photographs on shelf, produced with Forterra Brick, Corunna, Michigan, and photographed by P.D. Rearick (all images courtesy Anthony Marcellini and Simone DeSousa Gallery) (click to enlarge) DETROIT — Object-oriented ontology suggests that inanimate objects have lives and wider spheres of experience than the ways […]

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