Detroit Design Festival Highlights @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — The 2015 Detroit Design Festival brought a flurry of activity to the city’s environs, the capstone to a busy September. In a whirlwind of conferences, events, and openings, it becomes a little difficult to stand, and yet, there were a few really outstanding pieces that came through the chaos. Cristin Richard upped the […]

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9/18/15 – Beyond Skin-Deep with Cristin Richard

Artist: Cristin Richard Location: Le Petit Zinc Breakfast: CC – Green tea (?), Le Petit Dejuner (no baguette) SRS – Coffee (black), citron crepe It’s good to remember that appearances can be deceiving. We move through life at a breakneck pace a lot of the time, distracted by our phones, multitasking, and forced to make […]

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Meat me in Detroit – Cristin Richard at Playground Detroit @ Knight Arts Blog

There are a number of ways to make art that is visceral and gripping. In a new body of work being presented at Playground Detroit, Cristin Richard takes a direct approach; she uses literal viscera as her starting point. Working with animal casings—translucent skins that are used to make sausages, dried to a thin, wax […]

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