Monet at the DIA @ Detroit Free Press

It is easy to imagine that art history is a fixed discipline, full of information rarely subject to change, particularly when it comes to some of the best-known artists in the Western canon. And yet “Monet: Framing Life” – a new special exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts – proves how devoted curatorial practice can reveal exciting […]

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Nushrat Rahman on “Preserving Identity” @ Mulberries & Ink

But at the crux of it, the process of co-curating the art show cultivated an opportunity for growth. That is to say that–on a more personal note–Preserving Identity taught me about what it means to push oneself beyond one’s comfort zone, to take risks, and to be consistently intentional. My co-curator and utterly fantastic human […]

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Preserving Muslim Identity: On Allyship and the Unsteady Practice of Getting Out of the Way

This Saturday will mark the closing of a month-long exhibition at Public Pool art space in Hamtramck, which I helped to organize. It represents my first work as a curator, although I’m still grappling with what curating actually means for me. Something more like facilitation, I think. This show was a good opportunity to practice […]

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