Nicole MacDonald’s “Last Days of Chinatown” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — While some documentary filmmakers travel far and wide in search of a story to capture, artist Nicole MacDonald began her documentary process in the most straightforward possible way: by observing the human traffic visible through the window of her residence in the Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit. “I’ve been watching the alley behind my […]

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12/13/15 – Artwork of Life with Halima Cassells

Artist: Halima Cassells & Nia Location: New Center Eatery Breakfast: HC & N – Coffee (black)/OJ, Split strawberry pancakes & side of potatoes SRS – Coffee (black), Country catfish fillet w/ side of grits, rye toast (grape jelly) “So,” says Halima, “what are we here to talk about?” Can I tell you how much I […]

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