Breakfast with the Artist

2/25/2016 – Intuitive Exhibition-Making with Michelle Perron

Artist: Michelle Perron Location: Cass Cafe Breakfast: MP – Water (lemon), lentil burger (w/ cheddar), side salad (mustard vinaigrette) SRS – Coffee (black), reuben (corned beef & cole slaw), caramel cake I thought it was appropriate that Michelle Perron and I ended up meeting for this BWTA at the Cass Cafe, because it the perfect […]

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KAF15 Video Debut

Hey, it’s my KAID video! Remember, back when I was mortified about having to deal with not being Scarlett Johansson? Turns out I shouldn’t have worried, because I totally am. No, but for real, amazing job by Oren Goldenberg and Cass Corridor Films! For those of you with an abiding interest in my Hoarder Dollhouse, […]

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KAID Awards Ceremony

Tonight was the awards ceremony for the 2015 Kresge Fellowships. A lot of things were amazing. First of all, and I cannot overstate the importance of this: I think my hair looked pretty okay. Secondly, I met my two main goals, of not tripping or crying onstage. Pretty much all gravy from there. I don’t […]

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