Nick Tobier’s “Looping Detroit” @ Metro Times

After more than seven years of living in Detroit, showing visitors around the city remains one of my favorite pastimes. Detroit is an endlessly nuanced and multi-layered place; in a sense, everyone who spends a significant amount of time here has their own version of the city. But no matter how short a given visit, […]

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10/16/15 – Hail Katie, full of Grace. McGowan.

Artist: Katie Grace McGowan Location: Parks & Rec Diner Breakfast: KGM – Coffee (cream), omelet (spinach, garlic, maybe some other stuff), potatoes, some cinnamon roll SRS – Coffee (black), cinnamon roll (majority share), basic breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast) You ever think about how it is that dogs can recognize each other? It’s ridiculous, when you […]

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Katie Grace McGowan says what’s on our minds @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Detroit exists these days amidst a flurry of newcomer enthusiasm, rapid development, and media characterization that sometimes leaves longtime residents struggling to identify with the way “new Detroit” is being presented — and more importantly, packaged — for outside consumption. Even the art scene is experiencing a sea change, with new galleries, collectors, […]

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