Laura Park at CMA @ Hyperallergic

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When I met cartoonist Laura Park for a walk through her exhibition connected to her three-week residency at the Columbus Museum of Art, she had recently emigrated to France, together with her native French boyfriend. “I did that both because I love him, but also I have some worries about what is happening […]

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Whitney Snow at The Scarab Club @ Detroit Art Review

Magical realism is the watchword of the Whitney Snow solo retrospective on display at the Scarab Club – the first since the painter’s passing in 2006. Snow certainly captured the spirit of magic realism, wherein surreal or “magical” elements are introduced to otherwise everyday scenarios. Likewise, his large-format paintings contain many cultural and art-historical allusions, […]

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8/13/15 – Dinner for Breakfast with Mike McGillis

Artist: Michael McGillis Location: Mudgie’s Breakfast: MM & SRS – We split potato salad, spinach & blue cheese salad, the Barrett (corned beef sandwich) Full disclosure: this was basically dinner. HOWEVER, to be perfectly precise, and in defiance of all good health and sense, this was my first meal in a long and crazy day. […]

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