Book Lover’s delight @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — I’m an inveterate lover of books, so you never have to bother arguing with me about the continued relevance of print as a medium. Books are not just the sum of their words and ideas, but lovely standalone objects — a concept aptly demonstrated by two book-based shows going on in the Detroit […]

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Cranbrook Salon @ Knight Arts Blog

Women throughout history have gathered for the purposes of discussion, education and communication on subjects that range from the intellectual to the highly personal. Cranbrook Art Museum Curator Laura Mott and Assistant Curator Shelley Selim decided to emphasize this tradition as they assembled “The Cranbrook Salon,” the second of three installations that are surveying and […]

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Micro-interview with Maia Asshaq of DittoDitto @ Knight Arts Blog

From Oct. 17-18, independent bookseller and Knight Arts Challenge winner DittoDitto hosted the third annual Detroit Art Book Fair. The event was held at Trinosophes, a fellow Knight Arts Challenge winner, where dialogue was certainly flowing as art enthusiasts and bibliophiles gathered in droves for creative and fiscal exchanges with a range of booksellers. Many […]

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