Robert Sestok’s Third Man mural @ MetroTimes

Cass Corridor artist Robert Sestok is perhaps best-known for his welded sculptures assembled from scrap metals, which can be seen along the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, adorning residential properties in Woodbridge, and of course, at City Sculpture — the Cass Corridor sculpture park that Sestok organized and opened in 2015, adjacent to his longtime studio space. […]

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3/15/2016 – Parks & Creation

Artist: Valerie Parks Location: Beverly Hills Grill Breakfast: VP – Coffee (cream), BLT (with eggs!) SRS – Coffee (black), Corned beef hash (poached eggs), English muffin (blackberry jam) I was impressed with Valerie Parks before I even met her, because she’s one of the few people who did the thing I’ve been encouraging people to […]

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Kurt Novak scanner portraits at DSO @ Knight Arts Blog

Scanner portrait of Charles McGee, courtesy of Kurt Novak. Perhaps the greatest challenge of every portrait photographer is the imperative to capture a subject in a single image. Humans are complex creatures, and the sense that we might be reduced to a single take seems fairly reductionist. How clever, then, that artist Kurt Novak seems […]

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