“Living Vessel” at Pewabic @ Knight Arts Blog

If the title to the ceramics show guest curated by Anders Ruhwald for the main gallery at Pewabic in Detroit sounds a little on the hippie side, that’s because it’s a snippet of text lifted from the introduction to “Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and Person” by M.C. Richards—a potter, poet and essayist who taught at […]

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1/26/2016 – More is Better with Marie Hermann

Artist: Marie T. Hermann Location: Honest John’s Breakfast: MTH – Coffee, “The Special” (scrambled eggs, bacon, rye toast) + side of French toast SRS – Coffee (black), French toast, side of bacon + side of fries There is really nothing I love better than a petite woman who eats like a lumberjack (lumberjane?) – so […]

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“Timeless” at Pewabic @ Hyperallergic

Any Detroit historian or amateur tour guide can probably tell you that Pewabic Pottery, founded in 1903, is one of the city’s oldest businesses, known for its signature glazes that contribute to the unique look of tile work inside the downtown Guardian Building and other iconic Detroit locales, as well as within the interiors of […]

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