Women of Resistance from OR Books @ Hyperallergic

When I picked up Women of Resistance: Poems for a New Feminism, a collection of poems by 49 female-identified poets published by OR Books, I hoped to report that feminist poetry — and the new feminism that it represents — would not be a tragic, polemic trudge through the trash-pile that patriarchy has made of the world […]

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2/26/2016 – Poetic Aspirations and Cruel Realities

Artists: Glen Armstrong & Ben Bennett-Carpenter aka Cruel Garters Location: The Clique Breakfast: GA – Coffee (cream), spinach & red pepper omelet, potatoes (?) BB-C – Coffee (black), omelet with spinach, peppers, maybe meat (?) SRS – Coffee (black), two eggs (over hard), sausage, potatoes, side of pancakes If I had to pick a theme […]

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“Light Stain” review @ Knight Arts Blog

Isaac Pool combines poetry and images in Light Stain. All images courtesy of Pool and What Pipeline. For the first 76 pages, the images in “Light Stain”–a new book of poems and photographs by artist Isaac Pool–are ambiguous, almost subject-less in their composition. These are largely snapshots, and though the images in this section are dated […]

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