Breakfast with the Artist

7/28/15 – Ceci n’est pas une rose

Artist: Rose E. DeSloover Location: Whistlestop Diner (formerly Mae’s) Breakfast: RED – Breakfast burrito, coffee (cream) SRS – French toast, eggs over hard, sausage patties, coffee (cream) Before I even get to the artist part, let me say that breakfast was a major letdown. Mae’s was a great breakfast place, and somehow got bought out behind my […]

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7/9/15 – Rose + Rosie + Rose’s (II)

Artist: Rose E. DeSloover Location: Rose’s Fine Food Breakfast: RED – Half order of buckwheat pancakes, coffee (cream) SRS – Grandpa Richard’s pancakes, side of pork sausage, coffee (black) Excited to be moving forward with Rose on her project–I see what’s developing between us is, in some sense, a kind of art-consultancy exercise. The work we make as […]

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