Seamus Gallagher’s “Parent Project” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Graduation is typically regarded as a rite of passage that signifies a separation from the structured guidance of role models, especially parents and teachers. So it is paradoxical — or perhaps deeply millennial — that for his thesis project, College for Creative Studies undergrad Seamus Gallagher undertook to curate a show in which […]

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11/20/2017 – Remain Teachable with Seamus Gallagher

Artist: Seamus Gallagher Location: Rose’s Fine Food Breakfast: SG – Coffee (black), Silverman’s Special SRS – Coffee (black), Staff Favorite 2.0 I met Seamus doing studio visits at CCS last month – those who have been following BWTA closely will notice a rash of emerging artists from CCS lately, following a Lunchtime Lecture I delivered. […]

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