Breakfast with the Artist

1/30/2016 – Say Nice Things about Ryan Myers-Johnson

Artist: Ryan Myers-Johnson Location: Mudgie’s Breakfast: RMJ – Mimosa, “That’s Jared” sandwich SRS – Coffee (black), Kleb’s Klub salad Mudgie’s only has brunch on Sunday, in case you were wondering and don’t know how to check things on the internet, like me. So Ryan and I had conventional lunch fare for our BWTA, and in […]

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Recap of the 3rd Annual Sidewalk Festival @ Knight Blog

For anyone who holds a perception of Detroit as a city in decline, the scenes from last weekend would have been hard to reconcile. Stepping onto the main drag of Old Redford at the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Lahser Road, one was immediately suffused by the joyful spirit of the Sidewalk Festival of […]

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Sidewalk Festival preview @ Knight Arts Blog

Everyone is already buzzing with anticipation for the third annual Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts, which takes place in Detroit’s vibrant Old Redford and Brightmoor neighborhoods. An area devastated by the mass exodus from the city, Brightmoor has quietly transformed itself into a utopia of urban gardens, public green spaces and a community determined to […]

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