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“The Hamster” internet release TODAY!

It is paradoxical to think so, but conspiracy theories are actually fairly reassuring. They suggest that the bad things that happen are in some way organized and someone is directly responsible for them. Perhaps bad people are in charge, but at least someone is at the wheel. Likewise, for all their gore and violence, horror […]

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12/12/15 – Subtle Horror with Ryan Barger

Artist: Ryan Barger Location: Original Pancake House, Grosse Pointe Woods Breakfast: RB – Coffee (cream), Spinach & cheese omelet, side of sausage, side of pancakes SRS – Coffee (black), Order of pancakes (1/2 pumpkin, 1/2 buttermilk), side of bacon Ryan is a buddy from my days in New York, who decided to take a few […]

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