Momento Mori: Better Made – The Incinerator Show (1st Edition)

You can check out the first works in my Momento Mori: Better Made series, which are part of The Incinerator Show, a group show at Ocelot Print Shop that opened last night, and will run through June 23rd. These are screen-printed and hand-beaded works on fabric. Remember you must die. #momentomori See more here… Images […]

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The Incinerator Show opens Thursday, June 15 @ Ocelot Print Shop

Among Michigan’s myriad environmental offenses that endanger the clear air and water that we as citizens of an allegedly first-world nation might rightfully expect, the Detroit incinerator is one of the longest-running issues for folks here in the city. Anyone who lives downwind, or even drives by, is familiar with the smell when something particularly […]

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