Tyanna Buie’s “On Vacation” at CCS Center Galleries @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Traveling is important for many people, but perhaps especially for artists, as it offers a world of opportunity to be exposed to new information and ideas, as well as to view one’s own existence from a distance. Printmaker Tyanna Buie reinforces this idea by introducing her exhibition at the College for Creative Studies […]

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15 Steps: Perspectives in Drawing @ Detroit Art Review

Red Bull House of Art has made its name in Detroit by showing some of the most cutting-edge young artists in town. Now, as the residency/gallery space transitions to get an international influx of artist in the mix, a palette-cleansing show, 15 Steps: Perspectives in Drawing, curated by local artist and organizing powerhouse Tylonn J. […]

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6/16/2016 – Selective Memory with Tyanna Buie

Artist: Tyanna Buie Location: Her studio (Russell Industrial) Breakfast: TB & SRS – Homemade vegan macaroons It is a great privilege to be acquainted with your own history. Print artist Tyanna Buie is frankly open about a childhood that she and her three siblings spent largely out of their mother’s care – looked after by […]

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