Breakfast with the Artist

4/18/2018 – The next Episode with Margaret Parker

Artist: Margaret Parker Location: Taqueria Lupita’s Breakfast (lunch): MP – Chicken enchiladas meal (side of sliced avocado), chips & fixins, water SRS – Three tacos (al pastor), chips & fixins, Topo Chico I tend to enjoy talking to people who have led somewhat episodic lives – that is to say, people who conduct one kind […]

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5/12/2016 – Creative Relief with Barbara Melnik Carson

Artist: Barbara Melnik Carson Location: Mudgie’s Breakfast: BMC – Coffee (cream), The Barrett (did not eat pickle wedge) SRS – Coffee (black), The Kenna I’m so glad Barbara Melnik Carson reached out and we were able to meet up for breakfast (“This is actually lunch, right?” said Barbara) at Mudgie’s this week. Barbara is a […]

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