July 27, 2015

My Life: A Slideshow

For the Creative Capital workshop I had to put together some kind of 3-minute presentation on my work. NBD, right? Well, it’s kind of hard to sum up the work of an art critic, other than to read some arts criticism, which I was definitely not going to stand up there and do. In frustration, I started paging through some of the pictures on my computer–mind you, this is my “back-up” computer, which is actually my new computer, that I only use about 1/8th of the time, because everything I need is all set up on my old, about-to-die computer. And out of 1700 photos on my computer, 1550 of them are of art. This is roughly 1/8th of the art I’ve looked at in about the last 10 months. Most of it is in Detroit, with a foray to Washington, D.C. and Orebro, Sweden thrown in there, for color. It is set to my favorite Beirut song, because it is a good song for looking at twee little movies that I make.

How do I go about being an art critic? I go and look at art. Like, all the time.

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