August 1, 2015

#KAF15 – Airea “Dee” Matthews

I swear to god, I am not trying to be a teacher’s pet, but I am super impressed with the Kresge Fellowship structure. It really makes me feel like the folks at KAID know what they are doing, have built a responsive program that addresses some needs in my life that will help push me forward–professionally, but more importantly, artistically. Or maybe I’m just feeling generous, because I had a cinematically wonderful dinner last night with one of my fellow Literary Fellows, Dee Matthews.

I mean, I remember when Michelle Perron was saying, “This is your Kresge class, and they are a resource to you, you are going to grow together.” And, socially awkward little creatures that we are, I saw us looking at each other like, eh, maybe. Well, Dee, certainly. Oh my god, this woman.

Now, Dee and I, neither of us do small talk, which means we went directly to Real Talk, most of which is NOYB. The bottom line is, great chemistry, great conversation, where did three hours get to? I can’t wait to read more of Dee’s poetry, and talk more shop, and more real life with her. She is a powerful person, and one with an extraordinary capacity to transform experience into art, when it’s so much easier just to get caught up in experiencing it. There has been a poet-shaped hole in my life for some time now, and I am so grateful to have met someone who sees the world the way she does.

We go together like pie and ice cream.

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