August 14, 2015

“Over Over Over” again @ Knight Art blog

Can’t get enough of “Over Over Over”? Me either! Here’s another piece I wrote for the Knight Arts blog (with a whole new set of quotes and information about this show. I swear, after this, I’ll be over over over it! (maybe)

Much has been made lately of art as social practice and the impact that artists can have in shaping communities. In the interest of creating a dynamic international conversation, Detroit artist Cedric Tai guest-curated a group show at Simone DeSousa Gallery. Titled “Over Over Over,” the exhibition ran through Aug. 8 and featured five artists from Glasgow, Scotland.

The show emerged from Tai’s graduate studies at the Glasgow School of Art, and it is part of a project that aims to create a vibrant cultural exchange between Detroit and Glasgow—two post-industrial cities a world apart, but with much to say to each other. (Tai’s project is a finalist in the 2015 Detroit Knight Arts Challenge.)

In this context, “Over Over Over”—which gathered five powerful players in the Glasgow art scene into one incredibly dense gallery experience—can be seen as merely a beginning for a conversation that is evolving by the minute. As Tai said, “Don’t trust what you see, because it will have already changed.”

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Accompanying image courtesy of Simone DeSousa Gallery.

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