September 10, 2015

Interview with Jon Brumit about 143FM @ Knight Arts Blog

Jon Brumit is an original thinker, to say the least. A Detroit-based musician, sound and installation artist, Brumit is unlimited by convention or media, creating inputs and outputs wherever he sees fit. In this interview, Brumit discusses his progress on 143FM, a Knight Arts Challenge-winning sound installation that combines his passion for audio transmissions, circuit-bending and, above all, collaboration or spontaneous interaction with his fellow humans.

Q: In 2013, you won a two-year grant in the Knight Arts Challenge Detroit to support a citywide radio project. Whats the status of it?

A: The radio project is behind. I’m only just now getting started, really. My first cluster site, I know where it’s going to be, and I’ve got funding to do it. I’m trying to nail down what technology to use so it works the best.

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