November 5, 2015

EDITION/15 @ Simone DeSousa Gallery

I’m so excited to participate in EDITION/15 at Simone DeSousa Gallery. The show opens at the end of this month, and will run right up until Christmas.


It’s a big coup to get to participate in a show with so many artists I admire, at a gallery that I think is incredibly on point in its vision and generous towards the artists with whom it works. I’m hard at work getting my edition together – even though it’s a repeating motif, every single one involves handwork and will be completely original in its own right.


Is there anything better than having NO CHOICE but to need to work in the studio every night for the next three weeks? Actually, no. Not for me, there isn’t. So excited for this – please mark your calendars for the opening, and I hope to see you there!

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