November 13, 2015

George Clinton headlines Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers @ Knight Arts blog

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers is an organization that seeks to promote connectivity, understanding and humanity through the sharing of honest personal stories–a mission that is supported in part by a $30,000 Knight Arts Challenge grant. The society achieved a triumphant actualization of its goals on Nov. 5, packing the Detroit Film Theatre for a mainstage event starring musician and inspirational figure George Clinton.

Clinton was the obvious draw for the diverse crowd, but the entire bill was an inspiring cross-section of Metro Detroiters. A greatest hits medley by Clinton’s musical collective, P-Funk, was performed alongside dozens of young students from Legacy Dance Studio. This led into a series of stories, including a hilarious reflection on the indignities of the Macy’s interview process from Twisted Storytellers Executive Director Satori Shakoor. All in all, the evening was a celebration of Detroit at its most sincere and human. The pride and excitement in the room were palpable, and the event marks a triumph for Twisted Storytellers, as well as the Detroit Film Theatre.

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