November 19, 2015

Keeping up with Michelle Tanguay

Spotted downtown and shot on the fly from my vehicle, some of Michelle Tanguay’s unmistakable large-scale portraits on vinyl, currently being employed to gussy up some of the work-in-progress downtown. I swear, there are so many ongoing projects around this city, it’s like one big studio. The work on display is a mash-up between her Face-to-Face series–massive black-and-white portraits of everyone who came through her studio, rendered on salvaged banners from a recent Jazzfest, with the logos of corporate sponsors emerging through the pictures of these real Detroiters–and selections from a portrait series of girls with lollipops for the Summer 2012 Red Bull House of Art.

Michelle works like a demon, and it’s always great to see a talented young artist getting some exposure – in this case to literally everything, including the elements, so big ups, Michelle! It’s good to see your star on the rise. If you’ve never heard of her, you can read more about Michelle and her work in this feature I wrote awhile back for ZIPR magazine, Running at the Speed of Impulse with Michelle Tanguay.

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