December 7, 2015

Participating in the 2015 MONSTER DRAWING RALLY @ MOCAD – Friday, Dec. 11!!!

The Monster Drawing Rally is one of my favorite fundraising events in Detroit. It is a free-for-all good time, a veritable who’s-who of Detroit’s top talent, and a wonderful way to begin an art collection at an accessible price point (all works are $40). And of course, it benefits the MOCAD, which continues to trailblaze in the direction of a non-collection model that is challenging and innovative in many ways.

Basically, the event features two one-hour shifts of artists, who volunteer their time and talent, producing original works that go immediately on sale on the wall in the Cafe 78 space, where attendees can be the first to snap them up for the bargain price of $40. If a single piece of art has multiple bidders, there is a drawing of straws to see who goes home with it, not a bidding war. It’s a really fun way to get your hands on a piece by your favorite artists (I think I terrified Andy Krieger at the 2013 Rally, standing in front of him like a stalker so I could follow his latest creation directly to the wall and buy it…now we are buddies).

Here's me and my friend Angela at the 2012 MDR, with the Monster. You can see we are full of joy.

Here’s me and my friend Angela at the 2012 MDR, with the Monster. You can see we are full of joy.

Which is all a long way to say, I am so flattered they asked me to draw this year! Especially because I cannot draw at ALL. HAHA. But never you fear, I have worked all weekend and packed up a lunchbox full of tricks to deploy, as I experiment with a new body of work, Eidetic Memory Maps. Can’t wait to see what happens!

You can catch me this Friday, December 11 – I’m on the 7:00-8:00 drawing shift! Come! Say hi! And find something fun to take home with you (art or another art lover)! Catch you there!!

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