January 9, 2016

1/7/2016 – Ladies in charge, with Jennifer Junkermeier

Artist: Jennifer Junkermeier

Location: The Red Hook, Detroit


JJ – Coffee, zucchini pastry-looking thing

SRS – Coffee (black)

The ostensible reason I was meeting up with Jennifer, was to receive my copy of the Infinite Mile Y2 compendium–a hard copy of last year’s entire infinite mile content, including the article I wrote for the summer/2015 issue. What transpired was some much-needed talk about the freelance balancing act that accompanies most creative pursuits, the relative cost and benefits of home ownership in Detroit, and a little off-the-record decompressing about some of our common frustrations.

Cause, damn, it ain’t easy out there, especially for someone who is as courteous and deferential as Jennifer. I am aided and abetted by a deep-rooted tendency to give zero fucks–most of the time, if I am nice, it’s because I’m trying not to stab you. But Jennifer is legit nice and able to keep the big picture in mind. I secretly use her as my role model for diplomacy and grace under pressure. What Would Jennifer Junkermeier Do?

Infinite Mile is a heavy task; from my own experience years ago as Head Editor of an unfunded online (and now sadly erased) webzine, being Ed-in-Chief involves a lot of running people down for stuff they said they’d do for you and kindly threatening to have them beaten to death if they don’t give it to you (see above, I lack diplomacy). Pulling together such a diverse group of contributors for each IM issue is no small feat, and it’s a credit to the Infinite Mile crew that they manage to do it with such regularity. The fact that Jennifer manages to do it with an unflinchingly sunny disposition really just rubs it in. I can manage my responsibilities at Essay’d, but inevitably become a bridge troll in the process.

Anyway, it’s good to get to talk to another lady, and hear some of her insights on that ol’ work-life balance (HAHA WHAT LIFE?). From Playground Detroit to Cranbrook Salon, it’s ladies in charge all over Detroit. ‘Bout time, I say.

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