Monthly Archives: April 2016

“The Radicalization Process” @ Knight Arts blog

Above: “The Radicalization Process” crescendos into a rally. All photos by Alverno Presents/Kat Schleicher Photography, courtesy of The Hinterlands. It would be impossible to boil down the astonishing complexity of “The Radicalization Process”–a new work by experimental theater ensemble The Hinterlands, made possible with support from Knight and other organizations–down […]

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4/21/2016 – Crashing Detroit with Lauren Kalman

Artist: Lauren Kalman Location: Rose’s Fine Food Breakfast: LK – Coffee (cream), The Bunny Lebowski SRS – Coffee (black), Bang Bang Breakfast Rice w/ bacon (now and forever) There is a strong thematic difference between conversations I have with old school Detroiters and those I have with newer transplants. In both […]

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“Indigenous Beauty” at TMA @ Hyperallergic

TOLEDO — Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection presents a conundrum of conscience. With the individual works in the collection, I can find no fault; the Dikers have a finely tuned sensibility, honed first while collecting modern art, particularly works of expressive abstraction. During a visit […]

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4/20/2016 – Unhappy History, Happy Memories with Michelle Andonian

Artist: Michelle Andonian Location: Her live/work space Breakfast: MA & SRS – Coffee (black), cheese/parsley quiche, pomegranate/strawberry/tangerine fruit salad with crumbled chocolate (!!!) As I happily wend my way deeper into Detroit’s rich and longstanding arts ecosystem, I am discovering some rare creatures, indeed. Michelle Andonian is Detroit to the […]

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Matthew Bandsuch at Popps Packing @ Detroit Art Review

Artist Matthew Bandsuch has a successful career as an illustrator, providing satirical and figurative visual components to national publications including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The LA Times, and local ones such as Hour Detroit Magazine. The Detroit native and CCS graduate relocated to Chicago in 2001, […]

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