Monthly Archives: May 2016

“Freak Beacon” erected at Lincoln Street Art Park @ Knight Arts blog

Have you been feeling a “freaky” but palpable urge to explore the no-man’s-land between Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood and the area surrounding Henry Ford Hospital? It may be that you are answering the invisible call of the newly-minted, 75-foot Freak Beacon, a fresh addition to the Lincoln Street Art Park. Funding […]

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5/22/2016 – Capacity Build with Gina Reichert

Artist: Gina Reichert Location: Laika Dog @ UFO Factory Breakfast: GR & SRS – Coffee (cream/black); BLT Omelette & Waffle Dog Duo (PB&J sauce/Raspberry Creme sauce) It was a real thrill to get to sit down with Gina Reichert, one half of the duo behind Power House Productions – kind […]

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City of Restless Objects at Simone DeSousa @ Hyperallergic

Detail view of Anthony Marcellini, “When Bricks Become Verses” (2016), 26 photographs on shelf, produced with Forterra Brick, Corunna, Michigan, and photographed by P.D. Rearick (all images courtesy Anthony Marcellini and Simone DeSousa Gallery) (click to enlarge) DETROIT — Object-oriented ontology suggests that inanimate objects have lives and wider spheres […]

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5/17/2016 – Mastering Postgrad Life with Kelly Stickrod

Artist: Kelly Stickrod Location: The Fly Trap Breakfast: KS – Slacker Especial SRS – Coffee (black), Gingerbread Waffle, side of breakfast sausage (YOLO) It was great to get out for breakfast with Kelly Stickrod, who is a very recent grad from Cranbrook’s Architecture department – I saw her work at […]

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Change something with Casey Rocheteau

It is time for one of my rare Unpaid and Unsolicited Promotions of Something Awesome. This is a special category I reserve for outstanding effort on the part of sometimes-unsung heroes who are being the change they want to see in this sometimes-motherfucker of a world. Casey Rocheteau is one […]

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Chris Reilly’s “Intimate Instruments” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — When was the last time you enjoyed a shared vibrational experience? Spend a little time around Detroit-based artist and educator Chris Reilly and you will likely get the opportunity, in one of his Intimate Instrument Workshops, which offer participants a unique interpersonal art activity. I attended a workshop […]

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