May 18, 2016

Change something with Casey Rocheteau

It is time for one of my rare Unpaid and Unsolicited Promotions of Something Awesome. This is a special category I reserve for outstanding effort on the part of sometimes-unsung heroes who are being the change they want to see in this sometimes-motherfucker of a world.

Casey Rocheteau is one of those, and if you haven’t heard of her or remain somehow unconvinced of her unwavering sense of right/wrong, her grace under fire, or her ability to speak truth to power, feast your sweaty little mind on this article she wrote about leaving her position with The Offing.

And now that you’re fired up and thinking, “But WHAT CAN I DO to support this mystical unicorn of justice and unparalleled personal style?” THINK NO MORE – go directly to here and buy a shirt that, frankly, if it doesn’t say what’s in your mind most of the time, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. All proceeds will support Casey’s efforts to put together a special Detroit-based writing retreat for black women/GNC folks/femmes. It is much needed, and if you think not, go read that article again.

If you are like, “Yes, I want to support this person’s efforts, but I HATE SHIRTS HATE THEM,” not to worry. You could alternatively make a donation in support of The Black Survival Mixtape, Casey’s collaborative track at #AMC2016: In building Black futures we must imagine new ways to survive the present & listen to our pasts.

And if you are like, “I want to support this person, but also can I read some of her soul-piercing poetry???” Yes, yes, you can. Go get you The Dozen, her latest, off Sibling Rivalry Press.

Repeat/repost as often as necessary to bring about change.

Image courtesy of Casey Lynn Rocheteau

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