Monthly Archives: May 2016

“The Radicalization Process” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — We need an action. Afloat in the enervating sea of neoliberalism, all creatures of good conscience agree that steps must be taken to turn the tide. And yet… what to do? What possible solutions exist, in the face of overwhelming systems reported on by celebrity-obsessed shock-and-awe media culture? […]

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Sheida Soleimani @ The SEEN

Orchestrated by guest curator Samantha ‘Banks’ Schefman of Playground Detroit, Doubly So at Center Galleries on the College for Creative Studies campus is a four-person show of new work. Featuring four artists—Amalia Soto (aka “Molly Soda”), Sheida Soleimani, Sofia Szamosi, Dessislava Terzeiva—the work on view in the exhibition shares the common trait of young female […]

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