June 3, 2016

Security//An Evidence Locker @ Artslant


Security: not only the protection from harm, but one’s inherent resistance to it. I studied Aikido, a defensive art, for years, and my sensai offered the concept that the best practitioners of Aikido would thwart conflict before it arises, through love and redirection.

Emotional security: a psychological state that deals not so much in the reality of one’s own vulnerability, but the perception thereof. Emotionally secure people are less likely to be troubled by circumstance, more confident, more stable. Emotionally insecure people are apt to view the world as threatening and most human beings as dangerous.


The longest romantic relationship I’ve ever maintained was 2.5 years, and it is in the process of ending. The person who seemed at first to be such a treasure has become not less loved, per se, but less special. Time with him is not the elevated experience it once was; we are enmeshed in mundane concerns.


To provide security implies threat. One guard said the biggest threat to the Detroit Institute of Art collection was not theft, but vandalism. After all, he said, there had never been an attempted art theft at the DIA.

I think, unless you count the bankruptcy proceedings, which tried to take it all.

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