June 14, 2016

What Pipeline @ Knight Arts blog

What Pipeline, a small gallery space on Detroit’s Southwest side, has made its reputation with strong curatorial vision, presenting a mix of local and non-local artists. While many galleries either represent Detroit Metro artists in their own environment, or else exclusively bring outside perspectives to town, What Pipeline is facilitating a healthy exchange of ideas, interspersing local talent with a wider set of interlocutors, as well as “expanding the narrative of the city’s creative talent by publishing a series of art books on Detroit-based artists past and present,” with the support of a $15,000 Knight Arts grant.

After a vibrant series of recent installations by New York-based Olivia Erlanger and artist Paul Pascal Theriault, respectively, What Pipeline included a local cohort with its latest offering: a group show featuring Metro Detroit notables like Bailey Scieszka, Dylan Spaysky and Leif Ritchey. The show, titled “Ever get the feeling we’re not alone in this world?,” opened on Friday, June 3, with a massive crowd spilling over into the surrounding parking lot—which is certainly one answer to the show’s eponymous question.

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