Monthly Archives: June 2016

Carole Harris & Ash Arder @ Knight Arts blog

An engaged crowd was on hand at N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit on June 11, for an artist talk between veteran artist Carole Harris, whose multi-layered fiber works are on display in the Rose Gallery through June 25th, and Ash Arder, who brings youthful energy and a hunger […]

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Work in Progress: Girlfriend Material

Oh, it’s an art post. I spend a large amount of my time dealing with other people’s art. And I love it, the way a kindergarten teacher no doubt loves each and every special flower in her care; everybody’s most precious efforts are handed over to me, to help usher […]

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6/6/2016 – Genre of Place with Lauren Semivan

Artist: Lauren Semivan Location: The Daily Dinette Breakfast: LS – Tea, breakfast sandwich with sausage SRS – Coffee (black), Samoa doughnut, Homer doughnut I met Lauren Semivan during one of her intermittent trips back to the Detroit Metro area, where she grew up, from Homer, Alaska, where she lives now. […]

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“The Wrestler” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Saturday, May 28 was a staggeringly hot day out along 8 Mile Road, where, just before three in the afternoon, a somewhat anomalous crowd of people began to gather. This stretch of road is a place people rarely visit without some purpose — getting an oil change, perhaps, […]

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6/1/2016 – Interested Parties with Matthew Eaton & Jef Bourgeau

Artists: Matthew Eaton & Jef Bourgeau Location: Frittata Breakfast: ME – Lemonade, cinnamon French Toast, side of bacon JB – Orange juice, eggs, potatoes, bacon (no toast) SRS – Coffee (black), peaches ‘n’ cream French Toast special, side of bacon I should take a moment to mention that this meet-up […]

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Security//An Evidence Locker @ Artslant

1 Security: not only the protection from harm, but one’s inherent resistance to it. I studied Aikido, a defensive art, for years, and my sensai offered the concept that the best practitioners of Aikido would thwart conflict before it arises, through love and redirection. Emotional security: a psychological state that […]

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