July 12, 2016

Studio Jam (ii)

Working on Wonder Woman for Girlfriend Material. This is a strong and generally positive character, one that is ostensibly equated with the all-powerful qualities of being a woman on top of your game.

But you know? Wonder Woman always seemed kind of sad to me. Because she lives in Man’s World. All her power is devoted to others – in Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #179 (Nov. 1968) she gives up her powers and returns her costume and title to her mother in order to continue staying in Man’s World (apparently, all the Amazons were shifting to another dimension, but she needed to stay behind to help Steve Trevor, her sort-of boyfriend, who had been wrongly convicted).

That’s why I was really pleased when the fabric I found bears out my sense that Wonder Woman is a kind of an isolated and tragic figure. Amidst all these action shots, the largest image features her in a kind of quiet and introspective moment. It’s a little sad. I think it’s hard to be a superhero, in general, but even harder to be one whose motivational weapons are love and truth, rather than vengeance or moral obligation.


Anyhow. Work continues. The Wonder Woman piece will probably end up being a flag, and you can see some work on the Betty Boop boxes, which are shaping up to be insane. Really excited about this show!

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